About Us

About Us

S.C.I. Specialità Chimiche Industriali SRL has been established in 2011 and it had a growth on the Italian market: 70% of the turnover is made by selling and distributing chemical specialties and remaining 30% of the turnover is for auxiliaries for chemical productions.

All these products are developed and focused on all textile productions, on leather applications and also on coating/paints industry.

The knowledge and background are coming from persons who have long lasting experiences in this kind of industry, including firm relationships with well known Japanese manufacturers like AsahiGlass Co., AGC Chemicals Europe, Shinetsu, Mitsubishi and several others.

S.C.I. Specialità Chimiche Industriali SRL immediately started to work with a certified quality management system under “ISO9001-2008” by using an internal analysis laboratory to check the raw materials and finished chemical products. This facility is supported by an applications laboratory to support the customers and to give them all the technical assistance they could need.

During the year 2017, the company has obtained the update of certification to the new ISO 9001-2015.

S.C.I. Specialità Chimiche Industriali SRL is also innovative and ready to supply technical solutions required by the industry and by the market.

Environment and its protection are always very considered and valued.

The company is now getting stronger inside the markets of European Community and it’s looking to a growth in other markets outside of the EU.