NEWS about our Products

To meet the last requirements of the customers, we have now introduces a new series of Fluorine-Free water repellent agents; they are suitable for all kind of fibres with good performances.

 In 2016 we also obtained the certification for GOTS 4.0 (Global Organic Textile Standard). But we already updated this certification to the new system GOTS 5.0 in 2017. For more informations please contact us.

The copy of certificate and list of registerd products are available for download down here.

GOTS 5.0GOTS 5.0 [382 Kb]

Our Products

The main business of  “S.C.I. Specialita’ Chimiche Industriali Srl” is with chemical specialities addressed to different industry applications: productions of textile industry, dyeingmills, leather tanning and leather finishing; we have other products suitable for paper industry and coating/paints industry

We work together with several japanese chemical manufacturers, importing their products and distributing them on the italian territory: as example we are handling fluorinated polymers “ASAHI GUARD®” suitable for all the treatments where a water/oil repellency is required. these polymers are manufactured with the new generation of fluorinated products based on a 6 carbon short chain chemistry   (c-6), free from substances “PFOS” and “PFOA”

From Japan we also import special crosslinkers based on different chemicals: aromatic blocked isocyanates, aliphatic blocked isocyanates, developed mainly for textile industry and leather industry

Moreover we developed our recipes for different chemical intermediates and several other polyfunctional chemical auxiliaries.


Fluorocarbon Polymers for water/oil repellent applications


Special Chemical Auxiliaries


Special Plasma Technology, for garments, apparel and shoes.